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12 Year Old Devin’s Movie Review…He Learned…Miles Did Drugs, Was Divorced By His Wife, & Ran Around Trying To Get His Music Back From A Theft


Actual Rotten Tomatoes Movie Rating: R – strong language throughout, drug use, some sexuality/nudity, brief violence










…nothing about…

…his birth date, May 26, 1926 (…the same day as my grandmother’s birth day); his home in Alton, Ill.; his affluent childhood, his family even had a ranch (…my grandmother’s paying for me to go to a horse riding camp this summer at Grace United Methodist Church’s horse camp in Ft. Washington this summer ); his father was a dentist and mother a ‘closet’ blues pianist; at age 13 (…a year older than me)… he got his 1st trumpet; and 5 years later he was playing with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker (…man, he must have really been good); and the same year, he even went to Julliard but dropped out because ‘the’ music was too white (…I understand that…).

Mr. Cheadle didn’t do a good job, at all, telling Miles Davis’ story, he was really much more than a ” dead beat drug head’.

My grandmother tell me, all the time that African philosophy is Ubuntu…’the golden rule’.  She says, African Americans who’re in the position to influence Black youth, like me, “…are obligated to seek opportunities to show the full [Ubuntu] humanity of Blacks (Leonard Pitts Jr. Ebony, October 2015).”

So, though Mr. Cheadle had the opportunity to show that Miles Davis was great and a genius, he didn’t…he showed Mr. Davis as a drug user, self-centered, and stupid because he let people, white people in his home who stole his music.

According to the ‘golden rule’, I don’t think Mr. cheaply would like his life story told like this, minus the good thing he did and his talent. 

My grandmother was really mad because she wanted us to learn about Miles Davis but the movie (Miles Ahead), didn’t teach us much of anything about him.  So, she had to tell us, herself.  

Devin Morgan