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What Does The Evidence Say…About Homosexuality

Additionally, there seems to be an increase of Black youth claiming alternative sexual life styles and one needs to wonder the ‘real’ cause, i.e., is it one of the following or a combination of the following:

  1. is early pedophilia experiences a trigger for homosexuality (anecdotal evidence says early, first pedophilia experiences can be predisposition to homosexuality) 
  2. is it the media with it’s propagation of homosexuality which our youth begin to consume during infancy; many studies indicate that media can change behavior 

  3. is it the hormones in the fast food (Black communities are food deserts inundated with fast food places)

  4. is it the hormones in plastic…baby bottles, soda & water bottles, plastic fast food containers, etc.; in the Washington, DC area, fish were found to have both sexual glands per the plastic in the Anacostia River

  5. is it extinguishing of African American ‘matriarchal’ culture by white ‘patriarchal’ culture, thus: 

    1. our youth without a cultural norms and values referencing sexuality

    2.  our youth have no rational for ‘just saying no’

    3.  our youth do have a reason to say yes because they’re being taught white ‘patriarchal’ culture which WEB DuBois says will make us ‘think and act white’

    4. our youth are not taught the norms and values of African relationships, how to cooperate, interdependence, humaness…Ubuntu

    5. our youth are taught not to love themselves…but to prefer white and what is white


Shouldn’t an alternative sexual life be a matter of choice…based on ‘all’ the evidence or is it ok to be forced, coerced, tricked into it?  A wise choice can only be made if one has the evidence.