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Who Is  Gnaka Lagoke?  Why Him & Not A White Ally?…

If Ubuntu Is The Philosophy Of (Traditional) African Culture & If Understanding It Would Make A Profound Difference In Their Lives & Behavior…Who Can Best Teach It

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UBUNTU…is also the theme of the Association of Black Psychologist this year; it’s recommended for Black, Brown, & African mental health.

Can  Tim Wise to any other white ally tell us why?


Quotes James Baldwin, all the time, but does he know that Diop proved that white culture is patriarchal & differs from African culture, which is matriarchal?

…remember what the May, 2014 Nationa Association of Social Workers’ report, Achieving Racial Equity: Calling the Social Work Profession to Action, said/admitted…

“As of 2013, there is not a single profession in the United States (U.S.) that requires its professionals to demonstrate an understanding of structural racism, nor has a single profession or association established an official base of competencies to address race and racism…”

The report, evidently didn’t consider The AssocialtionOf  Black Psychologist a profession.

By the way, per the admission, if you were treated by any of those professions, you may be able to sue for mal-practice.



A bit more about Gnaka: his dissertation talks about…

….building a unified Africa… Using the Ubuntu philosophy’s key concepts, sharing, complementarity, and interconnectedness to elaborate how Africans can build new structures of political and economic liberation.  His interest is in building an African collective consciousness upon which poverty, underdevelopment, technological backwardness, ethnic and civil conflicts can be addressed efficiently. He’s a Pan Africanist and respects the works of Cheikh Anta Diop and Kwame Nkrumah.

Can or should a Tim Wise or other white ally do any of this…I don’t think they qualify.