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White Patriarchal (about domination & control) Culture Is An Addiction…It’s Not Suppose To Stop…Until It Wins…And, It Will Unless…


Whites stealing children from Africa; why, $$$$$$.  Patriarchal culture values $ more than people.  White patriarchal culture uses people of color for their benefit, no guilt, no shame and it’s about winning, winning at all cost.  It’s purpose, winning via domination & control at all cost, by any means necessary…is what whites are taught & what’s worse, they can’t get enough.

Psychologically, the white patriarchal social structure is comparable to ‘psychopathic’…doing anything for the benefit of self (white privilege) at the expense of others without conscious.

So, stealing these children for money; 21 st century chattel slavery & its Ok.  One reason it’s Ok is that we, Blacks, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Australian Aborigines, and other people of color don’t see themselves as ‘victims’ of the same ‘genocide’.  We have never launched a collective defense.

According to Diop, we, people of color, Black people are the same because we all share the same matriarchal social system of peace and equity vs their patriarchal social system of domination, control, and inequality.


Thus, the cultural genocidal tactics of Europe’s patriarchal culture wont stop… until one of us wins…them or us.  

Did you watch this last TV series of Roots…did they not do the same to us here in America….though it’s in it’s last phase for us currently, with us being ‘educated’ by them in the public school….’to be white’.  The public school for us is the same as the Native American, Hawaiian, Australian Aboriginal boarding school.

In the ‘boarding schools’ they taught non-white kids to be white….Native Americans, Hawaiians, Australian Aboriginals…wherever they found non-white people…they educated them to be think & act white…to forget what it was to be indigenous.

And, it’s still happening…in 2016…see  Bill Maher : Amazon Primer For Unmet Tribe Joining the Modern World June ,3, 2016 (HBO)…listen to the laughter…listen what’s planned for the tribe.   http://bit.ly/1QE8FoJ

They educate the Black out of all of us.

The answer…to educate our culture back into us via our history, our spirituality vs their religion, our matriarchal family/social structure of respect & equality.  Stop letting them educate our children; stop them from teaching patriarchal family/social system of disrespect, conflict, domination, & control or sexism, classism, & racism.

African history is what taught Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Tony Browder, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, John Henrik Clarke, Molefi Kete Asante,  Umar Johnson, Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates, to name a few, to love themselves so much as to choose to live the family matriarchal social system of peace vs the individualistic patriarchal social system of domination & control via racism/white supremacy.