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How Do We Raise The Bar From Patriarchal To Matriarchal Behavior

White male patriarchal culture rooted in disrespect, domination and control…has no respect for women.  Black/African matriarchal culture, rooted in respect, Ubuntu, I am because we are…respects women.

Which culture was Cosby living?



Before Diop, white anthropologists said there was only one culture, patriarchy; that patriarchy had evolved out of matriarchy and, thus, was superior.   Then, Diop’s thesis disproved them, saying that both cultures existed; that patriarchy characteristically, among other things disrespected women and that matriarchy characteristically, respected women.  Additionally, he proved that patriarchy was the culture of Europeans and matriarchy was the culture of Africans and all people of hot climates.


Diop 2 Cradle Theory


5.  Emancipation of women in domestic life         Debasement/enslavement of women