• Religious Racism…A Tool of Black/African  Cultural Genocide…Teaching My Grandsons The Truth


Church, July 17, 2016…my grandsons, 13 & 16, are in church somewhere (l’m in hospital) this Sunday morning.  But they probably won’t hear a racism social justice sermon like those of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, or see a Black Jesus like the one in Union Temple Baptist Church in.DC or a Black Madonna and child to which  Popes pray.

So,, the responsibility falls in my lap, totally…no African-like village to help like the one my parents’ generation had…the one that raised me.  The responsibility is mine to teach them about ‘religious racism’…why the Popes worship a Black Madonna and child (Jesus) and they’re taught to worship a ‘white’ one.  So, I have to create a village.  And, today I go to the Association of Black Psychologists’ book, The Psychology of Blacks: Xentering Our Perspextives in the African Consciousness, page 4.

Psyc Blacks      image

The lesson today is th 1sr Annunciation where God reveals to the Virgin that she will conceive a child: the 1st Immaculate Conception where the. Irvin immaculately conceives through the power to the Spirit; the 1st Devine Birth where the vs y savior is born; and the 1st Adoration where wise men come to honor and adorn the infant baby.


Images of each…carved in the stone temple walls of Egypt constructed around 1473 BC…1473 years before the ‘contrived’ birth of the ‘white’ Jesus.

image    image

The ‘white’ Jesus is a copy, an imitation…of the Black/African/Nubian Horus.  His fathers’ name is Osiris and his mother’s’ is Isis.


It would really help our effort to know the truth if Black churches, across the country, would display the original 3489 year old Black Jesus, the one the popes worship vs the 2016 year old white copy…like Rev. Willie Wilson does at his church in SE, DC, Union Temple Baptist Church.