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At 1st Glance, When I Saw This In The Paper, My 1st Thoughts Were…

DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson…didn’t do any better for the poor children of DC than than Michelle A. Rhee

Schools in poorest Wards of DC, Wards 7 & 8 (I was born in Ward 8 and have lived between the two wards since 1980’s), haven’t improved a bit.  They both used the job as a stepping stop to advance their careers.

Title of article should have been, ‘mis-education’…continued ‘Miseducation of the Negro’…educational racism is the primary tools of the system of racism/white supremacy that’s used to destroy Black/African culture…goal: Cultural Genocide.

In fact, “[t]he founding of the ABOsi [Association of Black Psychologist] wnd the contemporary discipline of African psychology…was really about a cultural war.  A war in this case refers to the conflicting values and dogma…between the disciplines of Euro-centric and African-centered psychology…a “war of ideology”, a “war of values”, a “war of self determination”, and a “war of cultural relevance.”



Details of this cultural war is outlined in chapter 2 of The Psychology of Blacks: Centering Our Perspectives in the African Consciousness, by Parham, Ajumu, & White.

Psyc Blacks

Psychology of Blacks: Centering Our Perspectives in the African Consciousness



The Mis-Education of the Negro (An African American Heritage Book)

Woodson statue

One of few statues of African American in Washington, DC. in Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park at 9th & Rhode Island Ave NW.