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Matriarchal Culture of Gender Equity & Peace or white Male Patriarchal Culture of Gender Inequality & War

Which Do You Choose?


Animals make decisions per instinct not by intellectually processing information as do humans.

The quality of the decisions resulting from the intellectually processed information will depend on the accuracy of the information and the cultural perspective of the information learned.  In America, African Americans and people of color, Native Americans, Asians, etc. are taught European history which is laden with lies, like whites are superior to all others and Columbus discovered America.  We’re also socialized to be disrespectful, like Donald Trump per the white male patriarchate culture characterized by sexism, classism, racism, ageism, etc.

All the ‘isms’ of white male patriarchal culture infect relationships via disrespect…and is at the core of Black/African cultural genocide because ‘how we treat each other’ will determine whether we survive or not.

Yet of all the 10 life areas (education, entertainment, health, labor, law, political economics, relationships/family/intimacy/sex, religion, or war) racism/white supremacy uses to destroy Black/African culture, the life-are of Sex( relationships, family, & intimacy)  is the least discussed….but, probably, the most important.   Probably the most important because, again, the primary difference between the two primary world cultures, is the treatment of women.  And, in a universe composed of just men and women, two genders, how they treat each other is the essence of a relationship.  Is respect, equality, and  concern the bases of the relationship?  

Only a person versed in the matriarchal ‘caring’ culture can aptly discuss relationships and Dr. Obari Cartman seems to quality as a man who’s been Africanized and who understands the dangers that confront (1) our relationships and (2) is talking about them.

I met him at the Association of Black Psychologists’ conference in July is one person whose engaging our youth on the topic.  And was so impressed, I thought I’d share his work, a book, Lady’s Man: Conversations For Young Black Men About Relationships And Manhood and a post, The Pride or Shame of Dating A White Girl