Cultural Genocide Of Non-White People Globally…Has Replaced Physical Genocide


…as the ultimate goal of racism/white supremacy, thus the new focus of People Understanding &’Undoing Racism.  

Our new mission, (1) research and study to recognize and understand ‘cultural genocide’, globally and (2) implement projects to stop and/or neutralize it.  

Our objectives:

1. Seek UN protection for diasporan people of color, especially, African Americans who’re not viewed as indigenous but who suffer the same  ‘cultural genocide’ those classified as indigenous do 

2.  Come to know how racism/white supremacy’s education, entertainment, economics, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war function as tools of cultural genocide.

3.  Come to know the difference between the Black matriarchal culture of gender equality and peace and the white male Patriarchal culture of gender inequality and war and how Black matriarchal culture protects non-white people.