If America, Controlled & Dominated By Whites, Is At War With Non-White People…Why Should America Help Us?


Just finished listening to #NeelyFullerJr ., #FrancesCressWelsing ‘s mentor, on #Talktainmentradio, who says and said repeatedly, the system of white supremacy is at war with non-white people. He’s also been saying this for more than 30 years, like his mentoree, the late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, ‘if you don’t understand racism/white supremacy, you will be confused about everything else’.

That said, this sign is an example of the confusion that exist when ‘racism/white supremacy’ is not understood.  America, controlled and dominated by whites is at war with non-white people so, they ARE NOT GOING TO HELP US.

Barbara Sizemore, 1st African American woman to head the public school system in a major city, when she was elected superintendent of the District of Columbia Public Schools, says in her Youtube Video Blacks Just Don’t Get It (http://bit.ly/2alYBjw)

“…we have not prepared [our kids] to live in the real world;
we have let them go through 12 years of school teaching them dumb stuff that doesn’t work when they go out and try to apply it and get killed…we are not there to help them…” She says we have not taught them the truth about ‘racism/white supremacy…and that’s killing them.
Our institutions…family, school, church, organizations have misinformed this child, according to Sizemore.