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The School To Prison Pipeline Is The New 21st Century Middle Passage


…grabbing Black boys off the streets and jailing them in private rural prisons to guarantee poor rural whites jobs.  

And, Black families, churches, fraternities, sororities, organizations like the NAACP, Urban League are unknowingly complicit, says, Barbara Sizemore.  Because it’s culture that protects a people.  It  contains the historical record of how the people survived and protected itself.  And, especially since desegregation, Blacks have been living white male Patriarchal  culture not African Matriarchal  culture.

Sizemore, in the Blacks Just Don’t Get It video, says, ‘Black culture is not functioning’, so Black people are defenseless.


Being the oldest culture on earth, it therefore has the answers for Blacks, the oldest people on earth.  Matriarchal culture can tell us how to save our children from the white mans’ prison industrialized complex.

But Black people don’t know or live Black  culture… Black people who make up Black families, Black people who make up Black  chunches, Black people. O pride Black fraternities,sororities, organizations, etc….DON’T KNOW BLACK  MATRIARCHAL  CULTURE.

Why?  Black cultural genocide…mis-education.

Blacks not knowing history allows for a repeat of the Middle Passage.

Answer, learn and live Black  culture.