The decision to have a woman whose claim to fame & expertise is her impersonation and fraudulent claim to be Black is the result of either sincere ignorace or conscientious stupid.  

It’s difficult to get an honest discussion on race be the audience all Black or all white…and, surely, if it’s mixed. 

Initially, there’s difficulty getting agreement on whether racism exist or is a problem and, then there’s the question of agreement on definitions…of race, racism, racist, white supremacy, white privilege, etc., etc., etc.

Of what assistance can Dolezal be with any of this? Pretending to be Black doesn’t qualify her in anyway…actually, it disqualifies her. Her behavior is an example of the arrogance of white privilege, is disrespectful, distasteful to Blacks…and a LIE.  

So how can she, a liar, prompt honest discussion?

She took jobs from Blacks, surely Black men from dark completed Black women, and worse, held positions to lead, instruct, and mentor African Americans per her experience as a successful, knowledgeable Black person, which she never has been.  For example, she had the audacity, to be an NAACP president with the responsibility  to act in the best interest of Black people. She was a professor of Black Studies…did she teach c A Diop, Edwin Nichols, John Henrick Clarke, or that whites evolved from Blacks? And, as a professor,she was responsible for  mentoring Black students…was she qualied?

To have her speak to Blacks on an MLK panel must be a money making venture or a quest to generate credentials for her to benefit financially…off the backs of Blacks while surely contributing none of her earnings back to ‘her beloved Blacks’.

What a rip-off…what a scam…a new type of appropriation….whites always right when it come to streaking from Blacks.