Black Cultural Genocide…White Teachers Can Only Teach Black Children To Be white…With The Values Of white Male Patriarchal Culture…The Culture Of Donald Trump.




Black teachers nationwide, approximately 150 who have been in classrooms from among seven selected states, participated in a study conducted by the Education Trust, a nonprofit D.C.-based advocacy group, and most say they’re both frustrated and disappointed by their experiences.

Source: Black Teachers in U.S.: ‘Frustrated, Pigeonholed, Devalued’


We need be careful, we have one more generation to stop our children from becoming culturally, attitudinally, and behaviorally white by taking our children out of schools with white teachers and start teaching them again, our selves.

So says WEB Dubois in his 1960 speech, Whither Now And Why, “…we would cease to be [Black] as such and become white in action…  We would take on the culture of white Americans doing as they do and thinking as they think.”