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The World’s 2 Cultures: Matriarchy, 1st & Oldest & Patriarchy

 Matriarchy 40,002,017 Year Old & Patriarchy, 202,017 Years Old

The white media accuses Trump’s of being “patriarchal” and they should know since they’re also patriarchal, too. That is, whites live a Patriarchal culture, characterized by violence, competition, & inequality/hierarchy.

patriarchy-trump-jpg-large-2And, even Black feminist talk about Patriarchy…Angela Davis, a famous Black feminist spoke of ‘Patriarchy’ at the Woman’s March; she used a version of Patriarchy in her speech (http://bit.ly/2mq0CzB).

Famous Black feminist, bell hooks wrote an article, Understanding Patriarchy; don;t think she mentioned the word Matriarchy (longest culture on face of the earth; African culture…still in existence…characterized by peace, cooperation & equality).
Why is no one talking about Matriarchy?
Well, white German feminists are…to the extent that they’ve have 2 world conferences, call Matriarchy – societies of peace, and are in the process of making Matriarchal Societies a field of university study.
Why don’t Black feminist know about their old culture?  Maybe they do but maybe, having not done their homework, they believe what Daniel Patrick Moynihan said in his 1965 report…that the Black family was a matriarchy because Blacks lived separate from whites and didn’t have the white family as a model, that the Black man…



“… suffering a loss in prestige and authority in the family because of his failure to be the chief bread winner, the male head of the family feels deeply this obvious transfer of planning for the family’s well being to two women, one of them an outsider. His role is reduced to that of errand boy to and from the relief office.”22

consequently, the Black family was pathological.  

But whites always see Black difference as inferior, pathological, less than human.  So, what do Black scholars say…

1.  diop  Diop, the man who disproved white scholars who said Black had no culture and/or that it was inferior to their Patriarchy in his 1950’s thesis…which they finally had to approve.   He discerned Black culture…saying it was characterized by peace, cooperation and equality…non-hierarchical.  He published his thesis, The Cultural Unity of Black Africa…all people of warm climates.

2.nichols Dr. Edwin Nichols, who whites pay $4-5,000 for a plain old “Workshop,” $20-35,00 for a “Cultural Audit,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Department of Labor paid him $15,000 for diversity training and the Environmental Protection Agency got him cheaply at $12,000.  In this training, he tells them they’er genetically violent, competitive, and sexist/classist/ and racist (http://bit.ly/2miCMsn).  Their culture evolved to be what it is in response to the cold/frigid/hostile climate of Europe.

3.  cold-wind-from-north  Wobogo tells us to survive in the figid European weather, Black Africans

a. had to loose their melanin to benefit from the limited Vit D from sunless skys

b.  came to value strength & violence because that skill set prevented others from taking their food, women, and skins

c.  came to value man’s strength over women’s lack of physical strength (sexism)

d. and, came to value those who had ‘the most’ (materialism) because it signified survival  

4.  living-color-by-nna-jablonski   nina-jablonski  Nina tells us that trapped in Europe for 20,000 years, Africans lost their dark skin to benefit from the many attributes of Vit D …required for survival.

5. ifi-amadume And, Amadiume tells us that Matriarchy still exists in Africa though whites, via cultural genocide, are fighting stringently to extinguish it…because it is a force that opposes Patriarchy.