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Moonlight vs Hidden Figures…Helpful To African Americans Or Not?

The European Does Nothing To His Detriment or For Our Benefit…Per The Historical Evidence

Decisions, decisions, we make decisions 24/7…political, career, medical, relationship,  etc. …even what movie to watch.   What is it exactly that influences our decisions…? Well, one’s values, beliefs, and culture…the movie supports or affirms your values, beliefs and culture.

The problem is that Black and white culture don’t deal with relationships, love, caring, sex, or sexuality the same way, for instance in Dagara village, Burkina Faso, West Africa….today, 2017, they don’t have a word for ‘sex’ or ‘homosexuality’…unless European media’s been their and introduced the words.


The West ‘sexualizes’ EVERYTHING, Moonlight is the choice of people who’s culture is Patriarchal and sexualized.

And to read Sobonfu’s book on intimacy, you learn that intimacy isn’t just about sex but the way people interact with each other…as taught by the ancients and it’s quite different from the American, Western or Patriarchal way.


And, in Gays: Guardians of the Gates interview with Malidoma Some’ he says, life is about family, the elders decide if a person is ‘special’ or ‘gatekeepers’ (those who’d  possibly be called if they were in the US).   But the point is, they don’t decide for themselves, the elders decide what one’s purpose is.  And, ‘gatekeepers’ have a purpose, to negotiate between the living and the dead and to mediate women’s and men’s issues.  Unlike in the US, it is not a lifestyle where they marry each other, adopt children, etc.; in Africa, family is paramount and everybody’s expected to marry, have children, be apart of family. 

And Sobonfu says, what ‘gatekeepers’ do sexually, is not known…it not in your face.   http://bit.ly/2eiWn4T

In traditional Africa, life isn’t about sex…it’s about family and community and the good of the community comes before that of the individual.

Whereas, white culture is about the ‘individual’…damn, any and everybody else, family, and/or community; you can’t tell me what to do…I do what I want…the  mantra is, ‘do your thing, do what you want to do’.

So the choice to choose Moonlight is a choice  that affirms white, European, individualistic Patriarchal culture that’s characteristically homosexual.  It affirms homosexuality.  For example, early February, NPR reported, “Widespread Child Sexual Abuse By Australian Catholic Church Revealed. ”  “Over 4,500 people have made claims of child sexual abuse connected to Catholic institutions…(http://n.pr/2mR3UMt).” And, the BBC World News, reported on the February, 28, 2017, ‘4oo paedophiles are arrested a month in the UK’ (http://n.pr/2mR3UMt)

This is how white, European, Partirachal men treat children.  This is not historically true of Africa or any other people of color…otherwise, white explorers, conquers, colonialist would have recorded it.

The problem is, CULTURAL RACISM. 

That’s when white, Patriarchal culture, America, insist that everybody else, the  accept white sexual behavior and those who don’t are homophobic.   When whites refuse to allow people of color to embrace their cultural practices…or insists they embrace Patriarchal practices, that’s cultural racism.  

So, again, Moonlight affirms white, European, individualistic Patriarchal culture.  It in no way helps the plight of Black America and doesn’t not affirm our life style or culture.

But, however, Hidden Figures does.  All non-fiction stories Black achievement, especially against the odds, help foster positive self esteem, positive self image, and serve to prove to us ‘that we can’, even in 2017.  And, it affirms our sense of family and community; our sense of peace, tenacity, and excellence…all qualities whites could stand to emulate.

Which do Black or Brown children need to see, Hidden Figures or Moonlight…and why?