Let’s Keep A Global Count Of white & Black Instances Of Pedophilia

 How does racism/white supremacy functions in the life area of Family/ Relationships/ Sex (LA:FRS)?   Stated differently,  how does racism/white supremacy miseducate us in this life area?  Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said, unless we understand ‘how racism/white supremacy functions in the 9 primary life areas’, we’re confused about everything.  The primary life areas are (amended by PUUR) 1) education, 2) entertainment, 4) family – relationships – sex, 5) health, 6) labor, 7) law, 8) political-economics, 9) religion, and 10) war.

Considering that some Black scholars consider there to be a homosexual epidemic in the Black community, let us explore this life area with a focus on pedophilia, the introduction of homosexuality to our boys by (white) pedophiles.

So, let’s do our own research to determine which group commits more pedophilia acts and thus, which culture, Patriarchy or Matriarchy, tends to condone it?

Pedophilia Is Most Prevolent Among Which Group, white or Black, According To News Sources?  Let’s Keep Count… Why?  To Determine, Anidotally, Which Culture It’s Indigenous To…white, European, Patriarchy or Black, African, Matriarchy

I offer this 4/27/2017 article as PUUR’s 1st instance: International UK ‘Pedophile Hunters’ Free to Pose as Children Online, Court Rules Landmark ruling says stings set up online by volunteers can be used to convict pedophiles


UK Pedophile Hunters

Videos posted by ‘Pedophole Hunters’ organization called, Dark Justice,  get over 2000,000 views.  Dark Justice set up a profile, wait for responses, once received, they reply with a statement that includes ‘they’re underage’.  A second hunter’s group, The Hunted One, says authorities publicly frown upon groups like theirs but privately, they’re very encouraging….’why do you think’?  

The groups expect to protect children in an increasingly ‘sexualized society’.  Kids are vunerable and they’re being ‘twisted’, i.e., childrens’ sense of right and wrong is being manipulated  

PUUR asks:  

Why do authorities publicly frown on what the ‘hunters’ do but privately encourage?

2.  What’s meant by, ‘the childrens’ sense of right and wrong is being manipulated’?   Does early exposure to homosexual sex act predispose them to being homosexual?  Consider the statement of a Native American in the documentary:    Our Spirits Don’t Speak English: Indian Boarding School, ‘they had us doing things so early we didn’t know they were not normal…’.

N Am Boarding Schools

Then, add historical accounts to current instances…



http://bit.ly/2pr8x19 ‘Our Sp;irits Speak No English’