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My 1st Response To Joe Madison’s Call To Black Sororities & Fraternities

Is, Glad I Didn’t Pledge

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Joe Madison, the Black Eagle, of Sirius Radio, channel 126 has called out the out to our sororities and fraternities…to no avail, it seems.

At Howard University in the ’60’s, I was tempted to pledge Delta vs AKA’s  because the AKA’s wouldn’t accept my mother at, what’s now, Salisbury University in Salisbury, NC  because she was ‘too’ dark. ‘Internalized inferiority’ had us thinking ‘lighter’ skinned Blacks were superior to ‘darker’ skinned Blacks.


Now, in 2017, Joe Madison has called out to our Black ‘intelligentsia’, on several occasions, to act like DuBois’ ‘talented tenth’ and take a collective stand on issues (a term that designated a leadership class of African Americans in the early 20th century).  

Specifically, Donald Trump calling Black women ‘bitches’ and their sons, ‘sons of bitches.  



09/23/2017 12:23 pm ET Updated 1 day ago

Trump Called White Supremacists ‘Very Fine People’ But An Athlete Who Protests Is A ‘Son Of A Bitch’


And, it seems a significant number of our Black ‘talented tenth’ still have not grown beyond their ‘internalized inferiority’ such that they still feel ‘superior’ and unaffected by issues affecting the rest us.  That is, Trump was not talking about them and their mothers.  That’s what not speaking out means.

It also means Black ‘intelligentsia’ has left our youth, Black Lives Matter, for example, alone to speak up, and stand up, and protest.