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The Term: ‘White Supremacy’…Pre / Post Trump

Trump has normalized the term.   I heard it 1st in the 1980’s from, the late, Dr. Frances Welsing and each time I attended her free lectures at the Blackburn Center the 2nd Thursday of the month until 2015…that’s 30 years…she taught it…I learned it.  

I, therefore, talked and taught it to my family, friends, anybody who’d listen…though, most wouldn’t.  

But now, my 24 year old granddaughter, Kiara, knows the term and understands, peripherally, what it means…now that it’s all over the media. 

Because I think it so incredibly important that she and we understand racism/white supremacy, I’m glad the media has normalized the term because now…we can have ‘the conversation’ about racism/white supremacy which is only possible if we agree it exist.  Now, my granddaughter and I can discuss it, whereas, pre-Trump, we couldn’t because she didn’t believe me..that racism/white supremacy existed, is an ever present problem for African Americans, especially, it affects every aspect of her life, and she, therefore,  needs to understand it explicitly.

And, despite the push back against ‘us’, people of color exploring the concept, see Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and most recently, Jemele Hill, 

it’s my professional opinion that we, people of color, African Americans, in particular, need to be ‘the experts’ on concept.  Why, for the same reason my granddaughter needs to understand it.  It’s like hypertension, diabetes, post traumatic stress or depression…we can best manage, neutralize, cure what is harmful to us by understanding it and degree to which we understand it is the degree to which we can control it’s effects. 

Call to action…Joe Madison, the Black Eagle on 126 Sirius Radio always asks his callers, what’re you going to do about it? 

My answer, I’m going to use this blog to have ‘the conversation’, a global exploration, examination, research forum of racism/white supremacy.  Why global, because globally, the majority of people are people of color all of whom are victimized by racism/white supremacy (r/w) in exactly the same way, though we don’t know it.  How, well, think about it, wherever Europeans have encountered people of color, they have what they do, employed, instituted, set up their system of r/w. 

So, if you’re interested in participating, and I hope you are, let me 1st introduce you to the person who introduced me to the concept, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, google her Youtube videos. 

I like providing at least 2, preferably 3 sources on an issue / topic your review, so, I’m adding the 1st page of Anthropologist, George Balandiers’ article, “The Colonial Situation: A Theoretical Approach (1951)”, which explains the European “…expansion throughout the entire world…” subjugating “and in some instances…” exterminating “…virtually every people regarded as backward, archaic, or primitive.”  Eventually, I will try to  provide a not only a better copy but the entire article, also. 

Note: If anyone knows the title of the book this article appeared in please share it.

I anxiously await your comments.