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This is a Test:

Which Culture is Characteristically Misogynist?  Matriarchy or Patriarchy and Why?

Beyond Harvey Weinstein: 30 other high-profile men accused of sexual misconduct, related behavior…the title of a Los Angeles Times article


When A Culture Produces This Much Sexual Assault, It’s Not An Accident…the title of a VOX article


Hint: Most Americans treated married women according to the concept of coverture, a concept inherited from English common law. Under the doctrine of coverture, a woman was legally considered the chattel of her husband, his possession. Any property she might hold before her marriage became her husband’s on her wedding day, and she had no legal right to appear in court, to sign contracts or to do business. http://bit.ly/2ySbFdA

Which culture is characteristically misogynist?  matriarchy or patriarchy and why?

I look forward to your answer.