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When A Culture Produces This Much Sexual Assault, It’s No Accident…

It’s Patriarchy & Patriarchs Can’t Police Themselves…So, It’s Not Going To Change Without…

Patriarchy is ‘the’ culture that gave birth to the ‘isms’.  1st sexism, then classism, than racism, etc.  It is hierarchical; (rich) white men at the top and they dominate and control everybody else…(white) women, poorer white men, and the ‘rest of us’. 

Historically, European culture has been characterized by boy love or pederasty…google: Greek boy love which relegates women to 2nd class status…virtually chattel.  Actually, pederasty is the precursor to pedophilia. Only one of Romes emperors, Claudius, was heterosexual and he was viewed as weird; again, this indicates what white men think of white women.  As as is evidenced by so many Catholic priest who abuse boys, in particular, are protected by both the Vatican in Rome at the top and nuns at the bottom, CURRENTLY protect priest who sexual abuse women and children.  Consider stories like ‘Children of Catholic priests live with secrets and sorrow (By Michael Rezendes | Photos by Suzanne Kreiter | Videos by Emily ZendtAugust 16, 2017).

 So, all this sex abuse is no accident…it’s normal…it’s what they, white men, do.  They haven’t changed since they emerged from the European Ice Age.  And, since the police can’t police themselves, patriarchs can’t police themselves, either.   As for the ‘rest of us’, we just #notwoke to the truth.  #2Breallywoke, is to be historically literate.  #not2Bwoke2truth  is to  #BwokeisBhistoricallyliterate.


The solution, a matriarchal’ prescription or program.  Matriarchy is the culture of peace says Heide Göttner-Abendroth the German feminist advocating Matriarchy Studies.  It’s the culture that respects women and cherishes children.  We need to #becomewoke to matriarchy and start living by it’s value system of respect called Ubuntu.  Then, any and everybody socialized in this patriarchal European culture needs to go to 12 Steps for Patriarchy (to publish soon)…because the 12 step program has been proven to be the  largest most successful self help program in the world…for behavioral change.




Matriarchy …the culture of equality…of peace…