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white Male Patriarchal Culture…Embraces Homosexuality, Pederasty or Pedophilia

If you can answer these questions, please do:

1.  Historically, has homosexuality existed without pedophilia and misogyny?

2.  Historically, what culture are they indigenous to, patriarchy or matriarchy?

3.  Does the culture that’s characteristically homosexual, pedophilic, and misogynistic have the right to impose these practices on a culture that isn’t?

4.  And, if it does impose their cultural practices on another culture is that not cultural racism?

 So, Europeans have the right to propagate books like this.

And, Europeans have the right to have sex with their children, mistreat their women, etc.

But they don’t have the right to force their practices on non-Europeans…who practice and live by a different set of values.  Nor do they have the right to classify non-Europeans as homophobic…for living in accordance with non-European culture.

And, societies that live in accordance with Ubuntu practice and live by a different set of values…like, I am because you are…which is African have the right to live in accordance with their cultural values. Ubuntu is a Zulu word  that embraces the African value system for humanness that was promoted by Bishop Desman Dutu and Nelson Mandella.

When whites accuse non-whites, those who embrace matriarchal culture, of being ‘homophobic’, they’re being “#culturalracist.”

African culture, matriarchy, is the 1st and oldest on the face of the earth. Africans are the oldest people on the face of the earth.  They are the parents of all other peoples…whites, too.

European culture, patriarchy, is the youngest culture on the face of the earth. And, Europeans are the youngest people on the earth.

Just consider:

African woman stops war with sex strike…white men can’t even stop war/s with guns…who’s smarter, I ask?

Leymah Gbowee led a sex strike campaign with Liberian women to end the country’s brutal civil war. They were successful: in 2003 warlords agreed to end the violence. In 2011, Gbowee won a Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign.

And, she’s not the only woman of color to do so…so, looks like the ‘young’ aggressive, violent, war prone white man needs to let women of color handle global disagreements.

But if patriarchs want to stop taking advantage of those physically ‘weaker’ among them, they need to learn a different set of values and new way of thinking and behaving.  As a Black woman, socialized in matriarchal culture and who’s lived in a patriarchal culture with a Masters in Afrocentric Counseling, I recommend a combination of the following: (1) Scientology’s Dianetics Auditing process to reveal the depths of their subconscious, (2) a rights of passage designed by an African who’s experienced it to put patriarchs in touch with their spirituality, and, to maintain the new thinking and behavior…(3) the #Ubuntu12StepprogramforPatriarchy written by Jackie Morgan.