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The Zeitgeist Series Is Being Aired on TV Here In DC Presently…

The New World Order or The Ultimate Goal of Racism/white Supremacy…Why?

World History Evidences Europeans Efforts To Control The World…Consider Columbus in 1492, The European-China Opium Wars Starting in the 1600’s, The Berlin Conference in 1884, etc.

The Zeitgeist series is intriguing but, is it accurate?  …what say you…#RUwoke

Referencing Part 1:

white ‘scholars’ will not, can not affirm the truth of the Zeitgeist documentaries.   European ‘scholars’ have never told the truth about the African bases of …’everything’.  ‘Everything’ only because Africa is the birth of civilization.  African culture, matriarchy, is the 1st and, therefore, the oldest culture.

And, thus, African spirituality is the foundation of all religions, creation stories, commandments, gods/goddesses, etc. and, the proof is written on the walls of the pyramids that can be seen today…still.

Evidence, therefore, verifies the accuracy of Zeitgeist part 1, i.e., Christianity is a poor imitation of the African creation story.  It  is a rehashed pagan sun-worship and is used by the rich and powerful to control people. 

white ‘scholars’ have lied so much about the significance of the part Africa has played in history, they can not be trusted.

Thus, African/Black scholarship…on the topic…

DR. TONY BROWDER: The African Origins of Judaism and Christianity


Parts 2 & 3:

2) Zeitgeist says the 9/11 tragedies were part of an elite conspiracy,

and 3) ever since World War I, the ultra-rich have been secretly manufacturing wars and financial collapses to control the populace and to get richer and more powerful.   

These parts 2 & 3 …are too important to ignore but you’ll need research to determine their accuracy…share your findings.