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Black Men Socialized To Be Patriarchs, Though Powerless, Act Like white Men

And, Therefore Abuse Women and Children

Dubois warned us….                

…in his 1960 speech, Whither Now and Why…1st 2 pages:

“There is much hard work yet to be done before the Negro  becomes a voter,  before he has equal rights to education and before he can claim complete civil and social equality.  Yet this situation is insight and it brings not as many assume an end to the so-called Negro problems, but a beginning of even more difficult problems of race and culture.  Because what we must now ask ourselves is when we become equal American citizens what will be our aims and ideals and what will we have to do with selecting these aims and ideals  Are we to assume that we will simply adopt the ideals of Americans and become what they are or want to be and that we will have in this process no ideals of our own?”

“That would mean that we would cease to be Negroes as such and become white in action if not completely in color.  We would take on the culture of white Americas doing as they do and thinking as they think.”

Dubois continues, “[m]anifestly this would not be satisfactory.  …We would lose our memory of Negro history…we would cease to acknowledge any greater tie with Africa…we would not try to develop Negro music…we would and thus solve our racial problem in America by committing racial suicide…

Consequently, Blacks who’re not taught their history and who don’t live African culture but are socialized to be white and/or educated in public schools with white curriculum  and/or live white and/or seduced by white power (politicians, entertainers, etc.)…began to think and act white as if they really have white privilege…until they’re caught…
Examples below of Black men who began to think and act white…thus, committing #racialsuicide…and are complicit in #Blackculturalgenocide.

Per Dubois: “ marry lighter people so as to have children who are not identified with the Negro  race…race suicide.”

It’s not easy to identify a Black man who is an exemplary example of a Black person who’s committed to his race, his Black identity…I can only think of one…..Malcolm.

The difference, Malcolm studied Classical African History, pre-1492 which is emphatically matriarchal or gender equal and!! began to live it.  Ideologically, he went from Detroit Red, who had no respect for others, women included to Malcolm X.  African history transformed him. 

Clarence Thomas, Marian Berry, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, nor Congressman Conyers were #wokeorclassicalafricanhistoyliterate.  They may have been active in the Civil Rights Movement but the Civil Rights Movement had no Pan African scholarly strategist (and, Afrocentric scholars came later).
(from white & Black Identity Development Models)
1.  Acculturated                                    – Clarence Thomas, Michael Jackson
2.  Bicultural                                         – Marian Berry, Bill Cosby, John Conyers
3.  Culturally Immersed Afro-centric   – Malcolm…was becoming
4.  Traditional Unacculturated             – Blacks born prior to 1945…went
                                                                to segregated schools with teachers 
                                                                socialized in African culture  
1. a requirement: a 12 Step Program for a sex addiction: 
    Recoveries Anonymous (RA)
    Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)
    Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) 
    Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA)
    Sexaholics Anonymous (SA)   
    Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA)   
2. But, I highly recommend Patriarchal Thinking Anonymous because it
    addresses sexism, classism, and racism