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“…not a single profession in the U.S. that requires its professionals to demonstrate an understanding of
structural racism…”

No Profession Qualified To Treat African Americans, Medical Profession Either

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1st paragraph reads: 

“As of 2013, there is not a single profession in the United States (U.S.) that requires its professionals to demonstrate an understanding of structural racism, nor has a single profession or association established an official base of competencies to address race and racism.
Still, in every institution we touch, data show that white people have considerably better outcomes, even when we control for a host of other factors. Recent killings of young men like Trayvon Martin, the lack of legal repercussions, and the ensuing national conflict underscores the urgency of deepening our efforts to address institutionalized racism. While the U.S. has made some gains with respect to representation and race relations, the country is hungry for an effective way to achieve racial equity.


Racism’s killing African Americans, even before birth…consider: 

  1.  Scientists Start To Tease Out The Subtler Ways Racism Hurts Health 5:49 minute auto: Listen http://n.pr/2yS3Eq
  2. Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth  12:11 minute audio: listen http://bit.ly/2Bapc1o


Solution:  Solution: Self help…#12StepsforPatriarchalThinking…safe place to talk it out, de-stress, learn new coping skills…learn how to #neutralizeracismsaffect

#Patriarchalthinking is thinking racially…thinking you’re superior or inferior.  For African Americans, it’s internalizing all the negativity American spews 24/7…it’s like persistent mini-assaults.