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SE, Washingon, DC’s African-centered, Kuumba Learning Center’s students are Bi /Tri-Lingual…

…learning African languages:

Singing in African language

#Congolesemusic sung by African American youth in SE, Washington, DC


…& the language of the drum, too.

Learning African history infuses positive self image, heightens self-esteem and self-confidence.  Learning African history restores all that European  education, media, and religion stole and continues to steal from us. 

And, paraphrasing what UNESCO says of it’s 3 million year history of Africa…it will free us from the racial prejudices we’ve internalized from slave trade and colonization, will promote our African perspective…freeing us from the impact of European racism/white supremacy and prompt us to save our culture from extinction…cultural genocide – the aim of racism white supremacy.