Black Needy DCPS Students Have Always Gotten a Lot Less Funding Than white Children

But what do you expect…if you understand “#educationalracism” and how racism functions in the other areas of your life…economics, entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war, you know Black kids will get less funding.  

Ballou parents say graduation controversy shows schools need for more support  but  yet…


…last year, D.C. Public Schools cut Ballou High School’s budget by about $300,000…  But why, after 400 + years, do we keep asking the white controlled public school system to do for our children what they do for their own?  They’re not going to do it.  So, what do we do?


Stop putting your kids in the European educational system where whites take care of white children.  Send your children to an independent Black school, like Kummba Educational Center, in Ward 8 where Blacks take care of Black children.


white people take care of their own…so, when Blacks send Black kids to the white controlled public schools, they get less than whites children…as Malcolm said, 

Malcolm - fool

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And, our professional educator on how to effectively educate Black children, Gloria Lanson-Billings, PH.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Madson, says, to be successful, Black children need to be culturally competent in their African culture…they’re already competent in European culture.