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Speaking Truth Is The Best Way I Can Say Happy Holiday

The only reason Blacks/POC claim Santa Clause & Xmas is because whites control our 3 million year history… and have taken your holy story and transformed it into a commercial fantasy or lie, for example, Santa Clause.

If you’re a proponent of Critical Race Theory, you know racism isn’t going anywhere ..so you’re not surprised when their Santa Clause school in Atlanta doesn’t seem to accept, recruit, or welcome Blacks or men of color (MOC).





My gift to you is the real story of christmas… originally a holy story…

But, if we Black/POC knew the totality of our history we’d see:

A correlate to christmas preceded it by 6,000’s years…the proof of which is still present via constellations.  That is, we’d see the original story that whites copied or plagiarized.

And, we’d see that we don’t lose anything by researching and learning the truth. We’d,in fact, gain…because they didn’t tell the whole story…they took the spirituality out of our holy story.

The real story of christmas is yours and it’s too great, wonderful, glorious for you not to know it.

So, my gift to you this family day…is your story of the day presented by Cultural Historian, #TonyBrowder.


And, I invite you to listen to all of what he has to say…you’ll be amazed; but if you’re in DC or near DC, his Institute of Karmic Guidance offers free lectures on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday at the Thurgood Marshall Center on 12th St. NW. Check the schedule for his personal appearances because most of the time he’s coordinating the excavation of an actual Black tumb in Egypt…with which you can volunteer to assist….the 1st escalation financed and dug by African Americans.

Happy Family Day to you and yours…tomorrow, Kwanzaa, December 26-January 1…the holiday of Black (vs white) values.