Living Imani Everyday of 2018…Preparing Ourselves to Discuss Self Determination


I recommend that during 2018, we familiarize ourselves with 1/2 or 3 of our senior or elder Black scholars who’re on Youtube.  I recommend that we visit any of them who live close to us…like here in DC, Edwin Nichols, Tony Browder, Patricia Newton, Melefi Kenta Asanta, Neely Fuller, and any others.

Via YouTube, I recommend:

C Anta Diop                   John Henrik Clarke                  Asa Hilliard                     

Juwanza Kunjufu          Tony Browder                          Frances Cress Welsing

Edwin Nichols  & Patricia Newton (both of whom preceded Joy Leary-Degruy)

Ivan Van Sertima          Amos Wilson                            Barbara Sizemore

Molefi Kenta Asante       Nathan & Julia Hare

Gloria L Billings (a student of Derrick Bell) 

Umar Johnson (a student of Afrocentriciy)

Then, for Nguzo Saba / Kwanzaa 2018, we’ll be on the same page informationally and, thus ready to collectively explore self determination via informed discussion.