Some of the Original Afrocentric Scholars

Diop laid the foundation for the Afrocentric education movement; John Henrick Clarke & Dr. Ben were Diop’s backup; Asante developed the theory for Afrocentricity with his book, Afrocentricity; Van Sertima proved that Africans came to America before Columbus; Asa Hilliard developed the 1st Afrocentric curriculum and it was adopted by the Oregon school district in 1989; Patricia Newton focused on post traumatic slave disorder before  Joy Leary-Degruy; Edwin Nichols focused on Axiology, an explanation of how climate forged the 2 primary cultures, Matriaarchy & patriarchy….before Joy Leary-Degruy; and, Frances Welsing, not an Afrocentrist but one of the ‘earliest’ to focus on racism/white supremacy.

I 1st encountered Tony Browder in the 1980’s at Pyrimid Bookstore, House of Knowledge, then joined his study group which helped him coordinate lectures and conferences that featured all the original Afrocentric scholars…except Diop who we learned from via the Lestervelt Middleton tv show.


These are the primary Afrocentric scholars…those who laid the foundation for the younger intellectuals who now stand on their shoulders.