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Is the white Month Old

Powerful Celebrity Created #timesup Movement Usurping 10 Year Non-Powerful #metoo Movement?




Even the Times cover didn’t feature Tarana Burke, the creator of the 10 years old #metoo movement….why?  


Did she speak at the Golden Globe Awards?  Did she receive an invitation or was she present only because she came as Michelle Williams’s guest?


The ‘I’m superior’ patriarchal thinking is so ingrained in whites, they don’t even know then they’re being racist…just like 69 year old Archbishop Carlson didn’t know sexually abusing boys was wrong.  


For those socialized in a matriarchal culture, including, African Americans to prepare themselves to help each other and whites to give up patriarchal cultural values for matriarchal cultural values: Join a 12 Step for Patriarchal Thinking Program, 2) Learn the world’s 3 million year history which began in Africa, 3) get audited by the NOI, and 4) for those who want to hold office of any type, complete a rites of passage for those raised by patriarchy.