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Love, Marriage…with So Many More Black Women Than Black Men…

What To Do?            Part 1


Consider only whites do 1 man/1woman marry, have 2.5 children in a house together, supposedly, forever…even though, divorce is at record highs.  

So, what does the Black, brown, non-white global majority do…is it better?  Can we learn something from them?  

Their relationships aren’t characterized bjealousy, divorce, the concept of cheating, illegitimacy, fatherless children… #Bwokehistorylesson  

Let’s take a look…


Societies …

     – no marriage

     –  a woman can marry more than 1 man

     – no jelousy

     – no concept of cheating

     – men & women can have a lover

     – no illegitimacy, all children are legitimate

     – no fatherless children…all children have, no 1 but

       several fathers

     – in many cases, no concept of biological

       father…mother’s brother/s functions as father

     – where marriage exist, divorce is easy if couple isn’t

       compatible…because children are responsibility of

       mother’s clan with mother’s brother as father, so,

       divorce doesn’t  disrupt child’s life

And, these societies are functioning today…January, 2018.  Yes, they’re matriarachal and yes, white male patriarchal culture is trying to destroy them.

That’s another reason I’m sharing this information about them because if we don’t know about them racism/white supremacy, the tools of Black cultural genocide will eradicate them and we’d never know.