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We Must Understand The Giant Triplets, Consumerism, Militarism & Racism…said, Martin Luther King

So we won’t make mistakes like Newton Farris, Jr., ML King’s nephew did.  

Trump is guilty of all three of the Great Triplets, consumerism, militarism, and racism.  I venture to say Farris’ ignorance of this is the result of his being educated in this country’s European public school system…cause it confuses Black people.  

WEB Dubois warned us that to not know African history, we will think and act white. So, it’s evident that Farris thinks and acts white other wise he wouldn’t have been there with Trump and he wouldn’t have defended him.




NOTE: The Mormons, Armish, Jews, and  Black Muslims are the groups that, I know, protect their children from acculturation or assimilating into European culture.  How, whether their children attend the white public school or not, these group supplement the white education with cultural education to transmit the tenets, principles, and ideology of their group.  As a consequence, for example, in a recent  Doll Test, only the Black Muslim children chose the Black doll, proving they self-identified as Black and not white…like ML King’s nephew, Farris, above.