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Black Global Cultural Genocide…of all Non-white Peoples…African Americans Just Don’t Get It…They’re Indigenous…if only because, white’re destroying our culture, too…according to UN Genocide definition, African Americans Quaify…but we still don’t get it…

The PUUR University Question:  Would regular attendance at a 12 step meeting to recover from white male Patriarchal cultural values & return to African Matriarchal cultural values… help African Americans get it?








It’s so nice to see so many new friends who’re interested in the WORLD SYSTEM OF RACISM / wHITE SUPREMACY and IT’S MISSION, BLACK GLOBAL CULTURAL SUICIDE…of North / South / East / & West Africans, African Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Australians, alllll people of color…officially started with the Berlin Conference…
The Berlin Conference of 1884–85, also known as the Congo Conference or West Africa Conference, regulated European colonization and trade in Africa during the New Imperialism period and coincided with Germany’s sudden emergence as an imperial power.
…and is almost complete now, in 2018.
So, there’s no time to waste and I’m committed to this issue…and, request all the help I can get.