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Positive Media Images, Like Black Panther, Teach Black/People of Color, Especially Children, to Like Themselves


Negative median images have taught Black/people of color, globally! that they’re bad, less than, and undeserving.  We, therefore, NEED positive media to correct, reverse & counter this conditioning, brainwashing, and indoctrination.

Thus, as a scholar of racism and counselor, interested in stopping Black global cultural genocide which requires healing the negative Black self-esteem that will foster the behavioral change…from self-hate to self-love, I champion Black producers like Tyler Perry, creator of Madea and whom Forbes listed as the highest paid man in entertainment, to provide positive Black images.

That is, IF they’re concerned about us as a people.  Why? because…only we can save us, i.e., stop the impending Black global cultural genocide.

And, just in case Black producers of black images don’t understand what is meant by ‘positive Black image’, the Black Panther movie produced by Nate Moore, is  the perfect example.  An added bonus, it  creates and fosters income for us.