The Benefit of Being Afrocentric Is…A Monopoly on the Unique African Perspective

We Get Movies Like ‘The Black Panther’ From People Who Know African History and Who Love Their Blackness…Like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Writer of The Black Panther.


Ta-Nehisi Coates, is a national correspondent for The Atlantic, award winning author, and writer of Marvel’s The Black Panther comic book.

How did he do it?

Well, Coates’ father was actually a Black Panther.


And, is the owner of Black Classic Press, the primary punisher of Afrocentric books since at least 1960’s.

Coates, therefore, was raised around the original Afrocentric scholars… John H. Clarke, Tony Brower, Molife Asante, etc.

Thus, his home environment was informed by Classical African History…since birth. It’s in his intellectual blood.

The movie, Blank Panther, is an example of what we can produce when, and only when, we know and have internalizedthe essence of Africa’s 30 million year history.

So, let’s teach all our children…and watch them soar… in ways whites can’t… them being Eurocentrc and patriarchal.

We really need know and understand..that being Afocentric is one thing we can have a monopoly on. whites can’t create “a” movie like Black Panther…an Afrocentric creation that requires an indigenous African perspective of which whites are incapable ideologically.

The Afrocentric arena is one in which whites can not!!! compete, try as they usually do and will most probably try. 

You have to love being Black, love Black people, love African history, love Africa, and love/live African culture….which whites don’t.