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#DescendentsofColonizersCan’tSpeak…They Don’t Qualify…& Insistent Attempts To Do So On Certain Issues, Carries an Even Higher Penalty…


Crossing her fists on her chest, Wakandan Warrior, Tiffany Cross, told Laura Ingraham, “descendants of colonizers don’t need to tell descendants of slaves what they can/‘t  talk about…”



In Wakanda, Ingraham isn’t allowed to speak…

And, the penalty for her insisting upon speaking on a Black man, like Lebrun, who’s out-smarted the white male patriarchal system of racism/white supreamacy to the extent that he’s reaching back and helping other Blacks do the same…is punishable by….rendering her ‘invisible’…no eye contact, no watching / listening to / responding to and/or giving her any play what-so-ever.

Ingraham’s sheer stupidity and ignorance to say Lebrun ‘is a jock…not qualified to speak on politics’ is indicative of the arrogance of ‘the’ white privilege attitude which propagates lies….  

For, in fact, of what Lebrun has done, beat the system and is doing, helping others do the same,  IS  POLITICAL.