Happy Birthday to WEB DuBois…Without Black Culture, We’ll Act White…

Dubois 2


Coming to the conclusion, finally, that racism wasn’t going end, the night before the US government was to take his & his wife’s passports, they  left the US for Accra, Ghana where he died on August 27, 1963.


What He Taught Me About Mental/Psychological Genocide of Black People


What he taught me that what I see in the behavior of my people today, especially, young people… ‘mental and psychological genocide’, that is, with each generation, we’re acting less and less Black and more and more white. 

How?  Well let him explain it to you like he did to me… at the top of the 2nd page of his 1960 speech… 

Whither now and why, March 31, 1960


So, to be Black, ideologically, like Wakandans and see the world through a Black vs white lens and function for the benefit of us and not them…learn African history and live African culture…as the Wakandan’s will soon be teaching Killmonger…as DuBois would recommend they do.