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Global Corporate Crime…in US & Rest of World…Against, Blacks & People of Color

Blacks and people of color, globally, need to unify & stop dividing themselves by ethnicity because corporations are treating the 2 groups as 1…they see Blacks, people of color, all non-white people of the world…as one group.


Listen to what Mike Adams the Health Ranger and  James Michael Papantonio, hosts of ‘America’s Lawyer’, have to say about corporate crime against Blacks in the US and non-whites the world over.

Listen, judge for yourself…and, let me know what you think:

1.  Are Blacks and non-white people, globally, being treated the same?

2.  Since corporations don’t divide us non-whites into different ethnic groups, WOULD it not be to our advantage to stop dividing ourselves and self identify as ‘Black’ so as to fight as a block…a global majority?



For those who may not know the European medical history with Blacks, see a few references below, then, do your own research on the topic…to help you answer the 2 questions above.

Medical apartheid Syphilis Study


Eugenics Eugenics 2

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