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Use the 3rd Eye or Black Perspective To See How An Issue Affects Us, for example,

Why Police Don’t Consider white Mass Murders ‘Dangerous’ Enough to Kill Like They Do Blacks…with Toy or No Guns?

Cruz, Mass Murderer, Why Not Dangerous?

Roof, Mass Murderer, Why Not Dangerous?


Black Men, Women, &  Children..With, With/out Guns, Even Toy Guns…
Deemed Dangerous, Why Dangerous?  

So, dangerous as to kill.

Using our 3rd eye, as @Joe Madison – “The Black Eagle” says, is to see more.

They see us as different from them..when they talk about we, us, our…they’re not talking about us…it’s time we start analyzing with the 3rd intellectual eye.  That’s not playing the race card, which they play 24/7…that’s why they kill ‘us’ but not their mass murderers…does that make sense?


  1. The police exam should ask several different ways, if ‘you’re afraid of Black people…men, women & children’…that’s several different questions on the exam.

2.  Since the evidence says whites see Black children as older, the police               exam should also address that phenomena.

3.  Police training should stress both issues, fear of Blacks & distinguishing           Black children from adults and the training should be held several times a       year.

4.  Finally, daily roll call should include a brief 12 Step Meeting to Stop                 ‘Racist’ Thinking