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#bWoke: Is Trump Using Hitler’s ‘Atrocity Propagana’ to Justify Putting ‘The’ Maxine Waters’ In Jail? #HistorySaysYes

Saturday, March 10th…for an hour and fifteen minutes (1:15 minutes), Trump touted to the Moon Township along the Ohio River in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania ‘atrocity propaganda’ that vilified his enemies including women, like Maxine Waters.  

Doing so, historically, sets the enemies up for targeting…from threats to incarceration to death.



History tells us that during World War One ‘atrocity propagana’ was employed by Hitler to (1) mobilize hatred against the enemy (minorities, the handicapped, and women, especially women of color like Maxine Waters); (2) convince the population of the justness of one’s own cause…whatever Trump says is ‘right’, ‘just’, and ‘American’ and the media and anyone who differs is an enemy; (3) enlist the global support and cooperation of  (white) countries as is happening today, see March 9, 2018, ”Steve Bannon Is Done Wrecking the American Establishment.

Hitler made and now Trump is making the enemy, for example, Maxine Waters, appear savage, barbaric, and inhumane.   The Nazis propaganda also mocked disabled people and soon after, they were being sterilized and then exterminated as were roving bands of ‘criminals’…

And, like Hitler, Trump has demonized Latino gangs and even, advocated, executing drug dealers, most of whom are thought to be Black.

Hitler also mocked ‘disabled people’, as has Trump.  Wiil he call for their sterilization and exterminatation like Hitler did? 

History tells us that ’Hitler… lied and lied his way to success’…so, is Trump, he’s told 2500 lies…in our face!!!  And, we say little or nothing…is the propaganda working?

Just #bWoke and know, the father of propaganda, Edward Berneys is Sigmund Fraud’s nephnew. He created propaganda to change pubic option, i.e., to change YOUR Opinion…to brainwash, indoctrinate, the dumbie you down .