96D85A5E-6F6B-451A-9F04-5C8CFE3D879FWhat’s Happ’n? …In Your Life?  Which Media Covers You & Which Covers Them?  You & Them R’t The Same, Didn’t You Know Or, Does It Matter?

Are white or Black journalist talking about YOU in their commentary when they use pronouns like ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’.  Or, does it matter?  It does to me; why, I want to what’s happening to everybody, my people of color, particularly and the world over…DC, Texas, Puerto Rico, Israel, Australia, etc.


To prove the point, National Geographic’s just admitted portraying people of color racially, they said…


In other words, we, National Geographic, saw our readership to be ‘white’ not Black or brown.

And, we, non-white folk need to be care because even though they’re apologizing, it’ll be a long while before they’re able to mentally include ‘us’ in their ‘our’, if but because, it takes a while to change a habit.

And, most probably, it’ll take longer than normal to develop a non-racist attitude and actually see their readership non-racially.

Therefore, the importance of the Black press can’t be underestimated when and/or if non-whites want unbiased news and, especially, about us. 

So, there’re two things that only the Black press offers (1) unbiased news and (2) news about us, non-whites.

News about us…

Sunday, Al Sharpton, on Politics Nation interviewed National Geographic’s Susan Goldberg, editor in chief about the magazines racism…



While, the same day, MSMBC continued to focused on the sexual life of Donald Trump.

Referencing National Geographics and being a bit more critical, let’s examine what Susan Goldberg said NG needs to assure they have a ‘diverse staff’ yet, she skirted Shapton’s question about the importance of her ‘jewishness’ and how it affected the magazine’s coverage.

2nd, she spoke of “…humankind’s propensity, since the dawn of time, to treat people who don’t look like ‘us’ as the other.”  This is true of only her white male patriarachal culture. 

Xeophobia is a characteristic of her white male patriarchal not the Black matriarchal culture.

So, again, non-whites need to be forever vigilant and listen with the 3rd ear even when whites are apologizing and trying to be non racial.

Why, well honestly, whites can’t police their own racism…National Geographics needs to create a ‘critical race monitor’ position and hire, not a Black person but a (long standing) Afrocentrist, like a @TaNehisiCoats to assure cultural accuracy (racism is cultural). 

To get stories about us that are usually unimportant to the white press, non-whites must consult the Black press…like the Joe Madison @MadisonSiriusXM and Mark Thompson shows @MakeItPlain ‏ 


Joe Madison who told us about the Alt-right tries to co-op Black Panther



Mark Thompon, who often responds Afrocentrically 


Inside the Issues with Dr. Wilmar Leon who interviewed psychiatrist, Dr. Brandy Lee, who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state. 


The Washington Informer primarily for local Black news.

And, The Final Call which covers non-whites the world over.

But let’s not forge our ‘expert’ cultural critiques, Tony Browder and Umar Johnson…on topics like the movies Get Out and Black Panther: