Why R Mother Fucking white Cops Scared of Unarmed Black Men But Not Scared of white Mass Murderers?


Why are white cops scared of and kill:

– Black women, men, &, even, children????

– Black men running from them with hands up in the air?


– Black boys but not white mass murderers?


Why are white cops not scared of, to the extent of feeling so safe as to take a white mass murderer to lunch?

And, not arresting another white mass murderer until after he goes to eat after killing 17  white kids!!!!

Why are these white mass murderers still alive????

We, African Americans, must ask this question…of ourselves, of others we know, of police departments via text…repeated text, and of politicians…repeatedly until they answer via, for example, the 5 Star app.  

You can automate your repeated text, emails, post by using the ‘schedule text’ feature on your devices.  

It’s call a virtual protest.