Be Honest, Should Blacks Be Scared? Do We All Need ‘the talk’? If Not, Why Not…2 Both Questions?

Only The Black Media Like Joe Madison on the Urban View Will Give Answers

Should All Black People Get ‘The Talk’… Black Boys Get?

Are We in Danger?

A few examples from Joe’s show to help you answer the questions…

White Woman Calls Police on Bob Marley’s Granddaughter After She Didn’t Smile

Image result for bob marley granddaughter airbnb


Man Won’t Face Charges After

Shooting (Black) Father in Florida Parking Lot Because of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

An argument over a handicapped parking spot turned


White Woman Calls Police on 8-Year-Old Black Girl Selling Water

Alison Ettel Jordan Rodgers


Black Lemonade Stand Owner Says Police Questioned Him While He Opened His Kiosk

Viktor Stevenson, the owner of Gourmonade, said four San Francisco Police Department officers approached him last week when he was checking the security system of his lemonade kiosk. One officer, according to him, had a hand on his gun.


CVS Employee Calls Cops On Black Woman Over A Coupon

Image result for police called to cvs on black woman with coupon


Someone Called 911 on a Black Oregon Legislator Campaigning Door-to-Door

Image result for police called on black politician for knocking on doors



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Anyone here look like you or someone you know…your mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.? 

Could this be you?  Are you prepared?  Have you talked about it with your family, friends, sorority or fraternity? 

A lady contacated me on Linkin and said she reached out because she was a victim of ‘being Black in a white space’ and was absolutely traumatized. 

The white media, the 4th estate, is not talking to Blacks…it’s talking to other colonizer descendants. When they say, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, etc. they’re not including us. 

You’ll only find the ‘back story’ in the Black media. 

It’s only via Black media that you’ll realize ‘we are in danger…’. 

#BeingBlackwhileBlack is serious…we need to have ‘the talk’ with ourselves.  A long hard discussion