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Is History Repeating Itself…? How Would You Know If You Don’t Know History?

If you don’t know, listen to Joe Madison, Sirius xm Radio…126

Joe Madison of the 5th Estate, The Black press told us that Trump’s following Hitler who followered Stalin’s play book to gain control of society.

See if the 4th Estate, the white press included this bit of history?

Resent Headlines:

  • The increasingly dangerous climate for journalists in the Trump era
  • A week after Capital Gazette shooting, Trump calls 75% of media ‘downright dishonest’
  • Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists following Make America Great Again rally
  • Trump has made it a verbal open season on journalists

Donald Trump’s ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed

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(A Brief) History of Russian Journalism

From Revolution to Glasnost: Soviet Press from 1917-1984

A free and independent press does not have a very long history in Russia. Control of the media by the government dates back to the very beginning of the Soviet Union. The Bolsheviks curtailed freedom of speech and press in Russia from the very beginning. One of the most important initial decrees passed by the Soviet of People’s Commissars and signed by Vladimir Lenin October 27, 1917 was the Decree on the Press (Murray 2). This Decree essentially outlawed newspapers that published views opposed to the October Revolution. Claiming such papers to be tsarist reactionaries, the communists closed 319 newspapers from 1917-1918 (Murray 5-6). Additional measures soon followed. A tribunal was established in 1917 to investigate and suppress bourgeois newspapers. Later in 1917, a state monopoly on advertising was instituted, depriving most papers of revenue (McNair 36)…


And, the 4th Estate, the white press doesn’t tell us the(ir) history…are in cohoots with Trump?  Well, they’re all white, all wealthy, and, none of them love people of color.  That’s why people of color need listen to the 5th Estate, the Black press.


Now that you know this bit of history, does it change your perspective on Trump’s actions toward the press?  …enough to consult the Black press?