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Why Don’t whites Live In City Ghettos?

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And learn that city ghettos were purposefully created for African Americans to maintain the cast system of segregation and to guarantee their poverty. 

The little houses in the suburbs with the white picket fences were created for whites and legally barred Blacks.  African Americans were ‘required’ to remain in cities by federal policies.

Those suburban homes sell for more than $500,000 today and have been the basis of wealth creation for whites over the past several generations…wealth creation denied Blacks.  This was when affirmative action was white…it accounts for the 60% income and 60% wealth disparity between Blacks and whites…which is virtually attributable to unconstitutional Federal Housing Policy.

Let the history direct your action…  

Precedent Setting Time

Because city ghettos were legally created and maintained, they can be undone legislatively.  And, just as important, the fact that Blacks have been harmed by the related policies is the basis for a CLASS ACTION SUITE…#AmericanCivilLibertyUnion, #CenterforLawandJustice or law student who wants to set a precedent.