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Offered Scholarship; Temple U At Game; But Principal Said Jamal, Can’t Play…You Homeless…Got No Fixed Address

Racism 202: Perfect example of ‘internalized racial inferiority’ which is the root of ‘Blacks hurting Black syndrome‘…principal telling student not to play because he’s homeless.


Principal Jackson told the coach he’d be fired if Jamel played.  Wow!!!  All the principal needed do is give Jamel an address.   Can’t we think outside the box to help each other?

No…not when we suffer from ‘internalized racial inferiority’ which means we act like honorary white people and treat each other like whites treat each other.  So, even though the DC State Athletic Association (DCSAA) cleared Jamel to play, the principal went out of his way to bench Jamel shortly before the home game.   The principal was probably angry and felt he had to have the last word after the team held a protest in favor of Jamel and being out-voted by the DCSAA. 

The principal needs to be sent to 12 Steps for Racialized Thinking where he’ll learn the difference between helping and hurting people of color, he’ll make amends, and learn a new way of thinking.

“Internalized racial inferiority’ is a mental health issue…it’s ‘racialized thinking’…a habitual way of thinking about race and can be best addressed by 12 Steps for Racialized Thinking program.

Happy ending, Jamel’s been offered a permanent home now but, just in case, if he needs to, #Jamelcanusemyaddress.