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If The Grass Roots Aren’t Prepared To Move Into Positions of Power, the Middle Class…Mulattoes Will

And…  Nothing Will Change

My opinion, since the ‘grass roots’ have not prepared (studied) people to be politically literate to represent them, a Kamala Harris is better than any white person.

But historically, mulattoes, if they haven’t been taught African history or taught a sence of social justice, they tend to think, act, and govern as whites do.  

But, let’s be clear…Kamala Harris didn’t live an ‘inner city’ life…and  though, non-white, lived a middle class existence…her mother is Indian, see her mother’s sister below and her father’s mother is Tamil Indian and his father is Jamaica.

But to really understand the role of the middle class who’re often mulattoes…because they’re often granted more privilege (more education, better jobs, higher positions) than ‘darker’ non-whites and, because they’re asked to support the system of racism/white supremacy for the privilege…you need to read Fanon, Chancelor Williams, and/or just google mulattoe, buffer group


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