Ending the Punishment of Poverty: Supreme Court Rules Against High Fines & Civil Asset Forfeiture…Temporarily…If The Court Remains Conservative



Fly  I was a fly on the wall of the Maintain Racism / White Supremacy Club meeting yesterday when they were discussing the Supreme Court’s decision against excessive fees, fines and forfeitures as criminal penalties.

Racism 101 2  They said: We not gonna’ give up our “modern debtors’ prison scheme” that targets African Americans with arrests and fines and then locks them up when they can’t pay.

Racism 101Maintain Racism / White Supremacy Club Meeting

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion and announced it from the bench:

“The protection against excessive fines guards against abuses of                                government’s punitive or criminal law-enforcement authority,”                    Ginsburg wrote. Quoting in part from the court’s ruling in 2010                           that Second Amendment gun rights apply to the states, she said,                               This safeguard, we hold, is ‘fundamental to our scheme of ordered               liberty.’ “

   Club members were mad as shit at Ginsburg…but that ain’t gonna’ last…

   Racism 101 2     Then somebody stood up and said, well, Ginsburg may have given them Blacks a tool to cut off our money but we can always reverse that law you know…for us, laws were made to be broken… always remember.  And, the Niggers don’t have no Racism / white Supremacy Watch Club, like they should…so they don’t even know Ginsburg did them a big favor.

And, by the time they find out (Clarence) Thomas will have resigned and given Trump another seat to fill on the court.

Isn’t that ironic, Thomas is on the court because Thurgood Marshall resigned at the right time, when Bush was in office vs Carter, remember?  

Boy our System of Racism / white Supremacy is really working, it keeps those white liberals from going too far left.  They maybe liberal but the still white…they ain’t gonna give-up their privilege for real. 

And,  Blacks who still think some of us are different, still haven’t learned…none of us are that different…to really share the power.  

 Can you imagine what trouble we’d be in if Marshall and Ginsburg had retired when Carter was in office?  And, because they didn’t that #onedecisionnotto stands to reverse… in this the 21 century all their 20th century decisions the two made…combined. 

Y’all remember, when in 1980, Carter administration officials pressured that nigger Marshal to resign before the Senate flipped from Democratic to Republican…and he refused…loud laughter.  They asked Ginsburg to resign, too…didn’t they…anyway, she didn’t.  https://bit.ly/2VpqU5F

Now, in 2019, the court, already conservative is guaranteed to become more so cause  Clarence Thomas’ thinking about resigning for Trump can appoint another one of us.  Now, that’s a good nigger…that Thomas…what did that nigger Fanon write…Black Skin White Mask…yeah, that’s Thomas…he really thinks he’s one of us and he’ll do anything to try and prove it.  He’ll retire early for the System of Racism / white Supremacy. 

Couldn’t get Marshall to do that…Ginsburg, either.  But when she dies, and it won’t be long…just hope it’s before the 2020 election, cause then we’re guaranteed another Trump appointee…and we can reverse all the laws we want…laughs…louder and louder and louder.

We’ll be guaranteed a conservative court for decades…laughterrrrr….

That Nigger Marshall did us a real favor retiring in ’91 and the Nigger Thomas is about to do it again…thank our white God for the System of Racism / white Supremacy which keeps niggers unconscious, indoctrinated, and addicted to white thinking.

Fly: Johnny  Cochran was right talking about guest on his TV show, when he said ‘conservatives are always more prepared than the liberals’.  Black people seem not to realize, the conservatives have a 20 year plan playbook…always in the background, ready to be implemented whenever the time is right.  That’s what all those think tanks in DC are for.

Fly The real solution for Blacks who’ve been socialized to act inferior to whites, is to recover from internalized inferiority and that’ll take a 12 Step Program to Recover from Internalized Inferiority…I heard a lady, Jackie Morgan’s writing a book about it…has rewritten the steps, traditions, everything.  Heard it’ll be ready this year…2019.  Man, I can’t wait.

Fly: But in the mean time, the situation via the 2020 election is in the hands of Millennial and Generation Z’ers, because…1) they haven’t been indoctrinated by the System of Racism / white Supremacy as many years as previous generations, 2) they have experienced more diversity than previous generations, 3) they have been exposed more to the concept of ‘social justice’ than previous generations and 4) they have witnessed racism/white supremacy differently via Trumpism and understand the System of Racism / white Supremacy is just as much about class as race and thus, the white 1% ‘s about controlling poor whites as much as they’re about controlling people of color. 

Fly History to remember: “Most damaging for liberals were the Johnson blunder that led to the replacement of Chief Justice Warren by Chief Justice Burger; the replacement of Hugo Black by Lewis Powell (a corporate lawyer) in 1972; and that of Thurgood Marshall by Clarence Thomas in 1991. Justice Marshall had ignored some pleas to retire in the late 1970s, when Jimmy Carter was president, only to watch Republicans win the next three presidential elections.

The biggest questions now are, 1) will Thomas and/or Ginsburg retire before the 2020 election?
And, 2) are all the laws in favor of social justice, TEMPORARY…whether they’re remain on the books via a liberal court or be reversed via a conservative court?