The Back Story Globally Is Always…White Supremacy…So, Look For It…The History of Colonialism Continues in Venezuela in 2019

Derrick Bell Would Say…Always Look For the Racism/white Supremacy

“On January 23, after a phone call from Donald Trump, Juan Guaido’ declared himself president…no voting…when you have official recognition from The Donald, who needs elections?” 


Four centuries of white supremacy in Venezuela by those who identify their ancestors as European came to an end with the 1998 election of Hugo Chavez who won with the overwhelming support of the Mestizo majority. This turn away from white supremacy continues under Maduro, Chavez’ chosen successor.

In my interviews with Chavez for BBC beginning in 2002, he talked with humor about the fury of a white ruling class finding itself displaced by dark-skinned man who was so visibly “Negro e Indio,” a label he wore loudly and proudly.

Why did the poor love Chavez? (And love is not too strong a word.) As even the US CIA’s surprisingly honest Fact Book states:

“Social investment in Venezuela during the Chavez administration reduced poverty from nearly 50% in 1999 to about 27% in 2011, increased school enrollment, substantially decreased infant and child mortality, and improved access to potable water and sanitation through social investment.”