Definitions & Explanations

Explanation:  The most informed people on the culture, history, and the system of racism/white supremacy are those who can’t criminalize white skin privilege, who know pre-Columbus-colonized history, and the history of Afrocology.  But the experts are those who have also recovered from colonized thinking, who think and live ‘black lives matter’.  These are the people who qualify to be Recover from Colonized Thinking 12 step sponsors capable of advising others 12 step RCT participants.  12 Steps is necessary because racialized thinking is a habit, learned since birth and, therefore takes continuous practice to assure limit relapses, which will surely occur.


Culture – the norms and values that tell us how to act

Acculturation – is usually forced unknowingly, losing your culture and assuming another culture

Assimilation – being absorbed into another group by losing your identity and assuming European identity

Cultural Genocide – forcably replacing your cultural norms, values, education, religion, traditions, practices, family / social structure with European education, religion, traditions and practices

Colonized thinking

Pre-Columbian history

Pre-colonized history

Pre-Columbian-colonized thinking

Racial Identity Development – 

Recover from Colonized Thinking

Stages of Black Identity Development

Stages of white Identity Development

System of White Supremacy

Racism – prejudice plus power; prejudice backed and supported by the system

Individual Racism

Institutional Racism

Structural Racism

Life Areas Racism Impacts – education, entertainment, health, labor, law,                                                         political-economics, religion, sex, war

Wellbriety 12 Step Program


African Culture                            European Culture

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